четверг, 17 апреля 2014 г.

Some days in Dubai

I was really happy to visit Dubai again. I love it. It differs from any other city in the world. What I like the most about it is the mixture of great shopping and  beach rest. While having holiday you escape to another reality, out of humdrum daily life, because it's a city of the future, it is strikingly futuristic and each landscape you see there is breathtaking. However there are some parks, where you can enjoy tranquility and calm down after an exciting and eventful day.

Talking about my clothes, I'd like to call your attention to my necklace. I wore ordinary T-shirt and shorts, but this accessory made up the whole look.

T-shirt: Forever21
Shorts: Pull and Bear
Shoes: Massimo Duty
Necklace: Max&Chloe website

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  1. вау! какие замечательные фотографии!
    приглашаю в свой блог http://daryaya.blogspot.ru/