четверг, 1 мая 2014 г.

My NECK needs LACE.

As my blog called adddetail, once a month (if you like, I can do it more often) I will write about different accessories and essential wardrobe items.
First post will be dedicated to... necklace!
I can not say that all my life I adored necklaces. I didn't understand with what it can be worn and, therefore, it didn't catch my attention at all. However about a year ago I saw a gorgeous italian necklace. It was definitely love from the first sight. I usually don't make spontaneous purchases, but at the time I did so. Arriving home, I found out that I need clothes to match it with. I looked through my garments and was surprised to realize that I had bought a universal thing. Since that time I have bought a few more necklaces and I am happy with them.

Please note that I'm talking more about the bijouterie.

Going back to business.
Some types:

1. Collars

2. Medallions

3. Pendants

4. Spuns

5. Chains

6. Necklaces

If I forget something, I apologize. You can add it in comments.

Now I'm turning to the most interesitng point.

What are the most well-known necklace designers?

Top 5!

Of course I can not ignore the world-famous Shourouk.
This is all about bright and luxurious jewelery.  Rhaiem's Shourouk favorite material, which presents in each collection - is crystals Swarovski, combined with the most unexpected materials (eg, twine or plastic).

2. Ek thongprasert
In his collections he uses unique materials such as silicon and various gems.

Very unusual and beautiful jewelry. In this case the price is acceptable.

4. Blu bijoux jewelry
Very reasonable prices and a bright, beautiful jewelry, especially necklaces.

5. Forever 21
I have always considered it as a network clothing store. But recently, I saw that there is a lot of cheap and beautiful jewelry for all tastes. I bought a few and I'm very happy with them. 

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  1. I love the necklaces too!!My favorites are the necklaces from Shourouk and Forever 21!! Kss. Caye